Bigfoot Gun Belt Review – Slim Steel Dress Belt

Bigfoot Gun Belt

Recently, I found myself looking for a new gun belt, particularly one that didn't scream "tacticool."

BIGFOOT GUNBELTS was easy to find, with them owning the domain name "". After browsing through their selection, I decided to give their "Slim Steel Dress Gun Belt" a shot.

Here's a look at the belt, as well as my review after using it for a couple of weeks.

Solving the Problems of Normal Belts

If you've ever tried to use a regular belt to carry a firearm, it probably didn't take you too long to realize there has to be a better way.

Bigfoot Gun Belt vs Normal Belt

Bigfoot Gun Belt vs Normal Belt (Source)

The weight of a handgun and holster is usually enough to cause your belt and pants to sag where your holster sits. Though this might not happen immediately, it's bound to start happening over time.

(See the Best Concealed Carry Holsters)

If your pants aren't falling to your knees, you're likely to be constantly adjusting to feel more comfortable carrying your firearm.

The final nail in the coffin when considering using a normal belt for carrying a firearm is that, over time, the weight of your CCW is likely to ruin the belt. I've personally ruined my favorite regular belt made by an Italian fashion company that I'm sure some readers of this review would give me flack for owning in the first place.

Gun belts solve these problems by being stronger and sturdier.

In the fairly unique case of Bigfoot gun belts, they have steel cores covered by bridle leather that distribute the weight of CCWs and prevents sagging.

Bigfoot Gun Belts Materials

Wearing It

The particular Bigfoot gun belt I purchased, the Black Slim Steel Dress Belt, is 1.25" wide. It's fit the belt loops of all the pants I've tried it with, though Bigfoot does make some wider belts that may not fit all belt loops.

I've primarily used it to carry my SIG Sauer P365 using a Crossbreed IWB holster (one of the Best P365 IWB Holster options), as this is my go-to pistol. This, of course, isn't the heaviest setup, but I'm happy to report I've had no issues using it with the P365 or any of the other holstered pistols I've tried with it.

At the range, I've also used it carrying a full-size SIG P320 and a Glock 19 with OWB holsters. None of these guns caused the belt to sag or felt particularly uncomfortable to wear.

Style, Quality, and Value

Style is subjective, so I'll mostly leave it up to you to decide if you like the way their belts look. Unsurprisingly, I'm also not the most knowledgeable when it comes to fashion.

I will say, however, that I like the look of the one I chose. It looks like a nice quality normal belt when wearing it, not standing out as a gun belt.Ā  I particularly like the black buckle and hardware I chose at checkout.

Bigfoot Gun Belt

As for the quality, it showed up without any blemishes, and their attention to detail was immediately apparent.

The color of the dyed leather is consistent as advertised and the threading of the belt is clean and indeed seems "heavy-duty."

Only time will tell how well it holds up, but I'm confident it will last.

Bigfoot Gun Belt Stitching

Priced below $70, I'm happy with the value of this purchase, especially after getting my hands on it. It's priced very similarly to other leather gun belts made by competitors that don't have steel cores and likely don't offer the same level of sturdiness.


At, Bigfoot currently offers a variety of different designs, most of which are available in both black and brown. You can easily swap out the buckle on all of their belts by unsnapping the two snaps.

Bigfoot Gun Belt Options

Final Thoughts

While I can't say whether or not Bigfoot gun belts fit your style, I will say this is the strongest gun belt I've personally got my hands on. It solves the problems of using regular belts and even some inferior gun belts for carrying a firearm. All of this is done at a reasonable price, and I expect this belt to outlast competitors.

Bigfoot Slim Steel Dress Gun Belt Review

Product Name: Bigfoot Slim Dress Gun Belt

Product Description: The Slim Steel Dress Belt by Bigfoot Gun Belts is reinforced with a steel core to prevent sagging from holstered firearms. The core is covered in bridle leather, available in both black and brown. It's 1.25" wide and has fit through the belt loops of all the pants I've worn it with.

Offer price: $73.88

  • Quality
  • Strength
  • Comfort
  • Value


After a few weeks of testing out this belt, it’s become my new go-to for concealed carry and for practicing at the outdoor range.


  • The best gun belt I’ve worn in preventing sagging.
  • Made from high quality materials that look and feel great.
  • Priced competitively with other top tier gun belts.


  • Prone to scratching where holster clips on.

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