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Below you'll find our favorite firearm-related websites, video channels, and other firearm-related resources.

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These are some of the websites we find most useful when researching firearms and related topics:

Lucky GunnerIn addition to selling bulk ammo at great prices, they also do a lot of great testing like this self-defense handgun ammo ballistics test. has a database you can use to look up the specs of any handgun or revolver. It's often faster to use this site than trying to find what you're looking for from manufacturers.

Guns and Shooting Online - This website is packed with tons of useful information. Data from the website, like this recoil table, is commonly referenced by our writers.

ShootersCalculator - Offers a ballistic trajectory calculator, bullet kinetic energy calculator, point blank range calculator, and recoil energy calculator. We've used their tools in our caliber comparison guides.

Before jumping into our list, I first want to make those unaware what Full30 is. Firearms-related YouTube channels are typically demonetized by YouTube, meaning content creators are unable to or struggle to make money off the work they put in bringing you great content. was created as an alternative to YouTube, which has partnered with firearm-related sponsors and actually allows their content creators to monetize their gun-related videos.

We strongly encourage you to watch content creators on Full30 when you have the option between there and YouTube.

We have no relationship with these content creators and apologize if we missed anything when discussing them; this is just what we know from watching them in our free time.

With that said, here are our favorite gun-related video channels, in no particular order.

Military Arms Channel (YouTube/Full30) - Military Arms Channel was founded by Tim Harmsen, who served in the Marine's Security Forces in the 1980s. In his 10+ years making videos, Tim has reviewed just about every firearm you can think of, with a focus on weapons used by the U.S. Military and the militaries of other countries. You'll also find reviews of common civilian weapons, including torture tests of some of the most popular pistols.

Mrgunsngear Channel (YouTube/Full30) - Mrgunsngear, who's served in both the U.S. Army and Air Force, is another channel with a bunch of reviews on popular modern civilian firearms. It's common for his reviews to include accuracy tests for rifles or specific barrels. He's also made a ton of tutorials for beginners on things like cleaning firearms and installing accessories. Finally, he occasionally hosts live Q&A sessions so viewers can get even the most specific questions answered... or just ask the same questions that have been answered a thousand times.

Garand Thumb (YouTube) - Mike from Garand Thumb is currently active duty in the U.S. Air Force. His channel largely focuses on tactical-minded rifle builds and handguns, as well as training exercises. He's known for his lighthearted jokes about us non-military gun owners, some of whom take training and rifle setups a bit too seriously. For example, here's a description from one of his videos:

"Today we'll be talking about how to set up a basic Recce style rifle for various things such as rescuing your Japanese Love Pillow. You're a big guy. 4 u."

He's a pretty funny guy and those of you in the military would probably understand and appreciate a lot more of his humor than myself. If you're in the Marines, however, expect a lot of banter at your expense in his videos.

Hickok45 (Youtube/Full30) - It doesn't take long to come across Hickok45's videos if you're interested in firearms at all. He has nearly 4 million YouTube subscribers and his most popular video has over 18 million views. He has videos reviewing basically every handgun in existence, as well as many rifles and shotguns. In these videos, he usually shows a bunch of shooting footage along with a basic field strip and explanation of how the firearm works. Prepare to see him calmly hit 50 yard shots with pistols he's using for the first time at his at-home range.

Iraqveteran8888 (YouTube/Full30) - Iraqveteran8888 is another hugely popular YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers.

Eric, the original founder of the channel, and Chad review firearms and accessories, while also answering just about anything you'd want to know. They have video playlists covering NFA rules, firearm facts, gunsmithing, and much more.

Ak Operators Union (YouTube/Full30) - Ak Operators Union's Rob Ski torture tests a variety of rifles, though as the name suggest, primarily AKs. He beats the crap out of these weapons, then gives his unbiased opinion on them and breaks down the wear of the rifles. If you're in the market for an AK and want to be sure it'll hold up to the reliable reputation of the platform, check out this channel.

Sootch00 (YouTube/Full30) - "Be Strong, Be of Good Courage. God Bless America, Long Live the Republic." That's the sign-off phrase and motto of Sootch00's gun channel. In addition to reviews and tutorials, you'll notice a focus on individualism, which makes sense considering he also has a wildly popular prepping channel, "SensiblePrepper".

DemolitionRanch (YouTube/Full30) - Demolition Ranch is the channel with the most subscribers on our list, currently with 6.4 million YouTube subscribers. If I'm being honest, I frequently find myself fast forwarding through his intros, as they're not my style of humor, but he does make a lot of interesting content and seems like an awesome guy! He's famous for testing how well various objects and armor stand up to being shot by a variety of calibers from a variety of guns. He's also been known to break out some very unique and rare guns that you may not find on other channels.

Here's a list of the online retailers we regularly use and recommend.

  • LuckyGunner - Bulk Ammo online for the cheapest prices. You can read our full Lucky Gunner Review here.
  • - An alternative to LuckyGunner with similar offerings and prices.
  • Brownells - Sells firearms, parts, and just about anything else firearms related you'd want.
  • OpticsPlanet - Does not sell firearms, but sells optics and other firearm furniture and accessories.
  • Amazon - Though Amazon does not sell firearms or parts for firearms, they do sell optics and some other accessories.
  • AmmoSeek - A search engine that allows you to compare prices on ammo, guns, and magazines across a ton of different online retailers.

Below are the websites of manufacturers of firearms, ammo, and accessories:

  • Firearm Manufacturers:
    • Glock - The go-to manufacturer of pistols for many.
    • Sig Sauer - A personal favorite and manufacturer of the Military's new M17 pistol.
    • Bravo Company (BCM) - My favorite AR-15 manufacturer for AR-15 Uppers. Their products can be found on their websites here and here.
    • Walther - Another of my personal favorite handgun manufacturers, known for their great factory triggers.
    • Daniel Defense - High-quality AR-15 manufacturer, known for making the majority of their parts in house including their cold hammer forged barrels.
    • Smith & Wesson - One of the most well-known firearms manufacturers, founded in 1852.
    • Springfield Armory - Another go-to manufacturer for many, known for their XD series of pistols.
    • Beretta - Italian firearms company whose pistols were used by the U.S. Army prior to SIG Sauer's M17.
    • CZ - Maker of many pistols used to win shooting competitions. They also produce pistol caliber carbines.
    • Palmetto State Armory (PSA) - Budget manufacturer of complete AR-15s and AR-15 parts. While their products are cheap, they're still very high quality.
    • Aero Precision - Another relatively affordable maker of AR-15s and AR-15 parts, though usually slightly more expensive than PSA.
    • FN - While they've created a ton of fantastic firearms, they're best known as the creator of the SCAR and the Five-seven.
    • Ruger - Manufacturer of just about any type of pistol or rifle you could want.
    • Kahr - Kahr's CW series of pistols are probably the best budget handguns you can find for self-defense.
    • Knight Armament - Exceptional manufacturer of high-end AR-15s and AR-15 parts.
    • LWRC - High-end maker of AR-15 style rifles and carbines.
  • Ammo Manufacturers:
    • Federal - Makes great ammo that I regularly use for both range practice and self-defense.
    • Winchester - I generally don't use Winchester's cheaper ammo, but they do make great ammo for self-defense and hunting.
    • Remington - Another well-known manufacturer of ammunition.
    • Blazer - Blazer Brass is a go-to of mine for pistol range practice.
    • Sellier & Bellot - Offers extremely cheap brass ammo that I've had no issues with.
    • Starline Brass - Manufacturer of brass cases for reloading, used by many professional shooters.
  • Red Dots, Holographic Sights, and Optics
    • Aimpoint - The most trusted red dot brand, known for their exceptional battery life.
    • EOTech - The original producer of holographic sights and still known for their fantastic quality.
    • Vortex - Maker of high-end and budget-friendly optics. They have a "no questions asked" guarantee which I'm a huge fan of.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the largest pro-gun organization in the United States and was founded in 1871. While I'm not a fan of everything they've done, the fact remains that they're currently the biggest force in fighting to maintain our Second Amendment rights.

NRA membership grants you access to NRA events, gives you discounts on travel and other expenses, and of course, helps them protect the Second Amendment.

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has arguably taken a stronger stance than the NRA in terms of their pro-gun policy. They've also famously fought cases against the San Francisco gun ban, Chicago handgun ban, and against state of emergency declarations prohibiting the right to bear arms.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) has been called, "The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington" by Ron Paul.

More organizations: