The Best Range Bags and Cases for Your Pistols, Rifles, Ammo, and Accessories

Best Range Bags

Here at GunPros, we’ve spent countless hours putting together some of the best gun reviews on the net. Whether it be pistols, revolvers, or AR-15s, we’ve put years of experience into separating the wheat from the chaff, all with the goal of pointing you toward the very best products. Hopefully, by now you’ve gotten a sweet handgun or two and have built a stellar AR-15 to boot.


In all your enthusiasm, have you paused to consider what you’re going to carry all these firearms in? Well in case you haven’t, we’re here to tell you what to look for in a great gun bag and to show you some of the best range bags on the market today.

In this article, we will be listing off our favorite pistol range bags, rifle range bags, hard gun cases, and hunting bags. A great gun bag is incredibly important if you intend on taking your firearms out into the world. Particularly if you are going out hunting or traveling long distances, it’s important to have something to suit the occasion. Gun bags come in all kinds of styles and sizes, so before we get started, let’s discuss some key factors you want to focus on when making your selection.

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Basic Considerations

Durability - For one, you want a bag that’s durable. Not only do you want to be sure your bag will last for many years, but you also need to ensure that it protects your weapons and gear. If you're taking your firearms out hunting, you need a bag with a rugged build, preferably with heavy-duty polyester nylon and environmental resistance. While if you're traveling, you will likely want a hard-case construction with a dense foam-layered interior and ideally something that is TSA approved for air travel.

Style - Choosing the right bag style will largely be a matter of personal preference, but I’d recommend considering your use cases. Bulky duffle bags might be ideal for camping or bringing your guns to the range, but if you are going hunting, you might opt for something smaller—perhaps a backpack design or a padded rifle bag with comfortable shoulder straps.

Organization - You will also want to make sure when you’re purchasing a gun bag that all your gear will fit into the bag in an organized fashion. I’m very particular about how I like to keep my gun bag organized. I’d encourage you to take some time to imagine how you would want to organize your gear, as it can give you a much clearer picture of what you will need from a gun bag.

Capacity - In the same vein as organization, you will also want to consider how much capacity you will need. In this list, we will show you some bags that are designed for just one or two pistols and others that are designed to carry several weapons, including multiple rifles. Basic questions you might want to ask yourself when it comes to capacity are:

  • How many guns do I want to carry?
  • How much gear do I want to pack?
  • About how much weight will I be carrying?

Note that these questions will also play an important role in determining the style of bag you choose.

Security - Finally, take time to ensure that your gun bag meets the security specifications for your use case and personal needs.

Without further delay, here's our list of the best range bags:

Osage River Range Bag - Best All Purpose Gun Bag

The Osage River Range Bag is a durable and spacious all-purpose item made with 600D ballistic nylon and is great for carrying multiple handguns to the range. It uses heavy-duty zippers and has two adjustable padded dividers, which create 3 main interior compartments. There are two large zippered exterior pockets on the outside for magazines, ammunition, cleaning kits, and accessory storage, plus three smaller exterior compartments. It also comes with two removable pistol pouches. The interior and exterior pouches add up to 9 compartments all together.

The Osage River Range Bag is available in two sizes: Light Duty (13.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches) and Standard (18 x 13 x 10 inches) (H x L x W). While not necessarily perfect as a rifle range bag, you can easily break down most AR-15s to fit the upper and lower in separately.

Finally, all variants are available in black, coyote (brown), gunmetal (grey), and OD green.

Pelican Cases - Best Hard Case

Pelican has become an industry leader in manufacturing the highest-tiered hard gun cases on the market. They offer a massive selection of heavy-duty cases for whatever your needs might be. They even make cases sized more appropriately for other hobbies like photography and computers.

The Protector series 1750 Long Case is one of Pelican’s best-selling products and is ideal for rifles like an AR-15, AK-47, or anything else you have.

Its interior dimensions are 50.5 x 13.5 x 5.3 inches, meaning you can also carry multiple pistols, ammo, and weapon accessories in addition to your rifle.

The case is made with heavy-duty polypropylene and has polyurethane wheels at the base attached to stainless steel bearings.

The interior consists of a blank 3-piece foam set, designed for the user to cut to their own specifications. The case is held together with easy-to-open double-throw latches. It is watertight, crushproof, and uses an automatic pressure equalization valve to balance interior pressure. It will also remain buoyant carrying weights up to 136 pounds.

The 1750 Long Case is perfect for those who like to travel with their gun. It has stainless steel padlock protectors and should fit the criteria of the TSA and most airlines if you follow their directions. We've personally traveled with this case and have had great experiences thus far.

Due to the weight of this case (25.57 lbs), it might not be something you want to lug around everywhere, though the wheels help for some environments. The only other downside is that it costs a few hundred dollars, though, for the needs of many, we think it's money well spent.

5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag 43L - Law Enforcement and Military Favorite

Returning to standard range bags, let’s check out the 5.11 Tactical Range Ready 43L. The Range Ready bag is made with 600D all-weather polyester nylon and comes with padded internal dividers for multiple-gun storage. It has one of the most efficient overall designs out of any of the bags on our list, with a zip-down front flap capable of storing up to 8 magazines and large, zip-up exterior side pockets that are designed for optics, ear protection, and other accessories. It also comes with a removable ammo- and brass-storage tote that makes for easy cleanup and even sports a water bottle pocket.

As the name suggests, the Range Ready Bag 43L holds up to 43 liters, with a 9.5”x17.5”x10.5” main storage compartment. It is available in black or sandstone (tan) and comes with a removable padded shoulder strap. The downside is it's about three times as expensive as the first choice on our list.

GunMate Pistol Range Bag - Best Budget Range Bag

The GunMate Pistol Range Bag features a minimalist design at a low-budget price. It’s made with a tough nylon construction and comes with lock-compatible zippered main and side compartments. There are carry handles on all sides and it comes with a detachable shoulder strap. There’s also a removable padded pistol rug on the bottom.

The GunMate Range Bag isn’t the sexiest carrier out there, but it gets the job done. At 16”x8”x7”, there’s enough room for a couple of pistols and ammo, along with your ear and eye protection.

Orca Tactical Gun and Ammo Shooting Range Duffel Bag - Best Mid-Tier Gun Bag

Orca’s Tactical Range Duffel Bag is a great mid-shelf product that’s both very durable and aesthetically pleasing. Its dimensions are 16”x11”x9”, with enough space to store 3 to 4 handguns plus accessories. The bag is made with 600D polyester nylon and is double sewn for extra durability.

Like the 5.11 Tactical Range Bag, the Orca Tactical Duffel Bag has an efficient, easy-to-follow design with plenty of YKK zip-up pouches lining the exterior and padded velcro dividers in the main compartment. There are also several elastic holders lining the walls of the interior for magazines and ammo containers.

The bag is heavily padded and has polymer scuff pads on the bottom for added support.

There are 13 compartments in total, which is great, and the bag is priced modestly. It comes in coyote brown, black, or OD green. If you are able to cough up the extra 40 or so bucks to upgrade from the GunMate bag, I think the Orca Tactical’s design is well worth it.

Plano Rifle Cases - Best Aesthetic Hard Cases/Editor’s Choice

Plano’s hard gun case line offers great quality, with a great look, at a slightly more affordable price point than Pelican cases. Like Pelican, the selection of Plano cases is massive.

Our personal favorite option from Plano is their Mil-Spec Field Locker Double Long Gun Case.

This 56.38” x 7.25" (length x height) whopper of a case weighs in at 28 pounds. It’s capable of holding multiple rifles and, as the name suggests, meets military specifications in immersion, vibration, dust, and transit drop.

It has a reinforced construction, complete with cut-out double-density foam, held in a watertight seal by industrial draw-down latches. It comes with easy-glide ball-bearing wheels at the base and features a pressure release valve that adjusts to altitude and temperature changes during travel. And it’s affordable, coming in at about 2/3 the price of a Pelican case.

If the above model isn't quite what you're looking for, Plano also offers a single long gun hard case.

Plano has a great selection and they’re a brand you can trust. For all these reasons, I'm giving it the editor's choice for the best case for the money.

Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapon Case - Best Padded Case

For those looking for a rifle range bag with more versatility than a traditional hard case, check out the Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapon Cases. These heavy-duty poly-nylon bags were awarded the 2017 Industry Choice Award for Premium Accessory of the year.

They look great, are easy to handle, and come with all the features you appreciate in a good gun range bag.

The 46" long gun bag is one of the largest bags Voodoo Tactical has available and should easily be able to fit most rifles. It’s heavily padded and has multiple exterior compartments of varying sizes for gear and accessories, plus elastic holders for ammunition, magazines, and smaller pieces of gear. I really appreciate the level of detail put into the design, as all of the compartments are smartly located.

It's available in 3 sizes (36", 42", and 46") and 9 colors (Army Digital, Black, Coyote Tan, Woodland Camo, Multicam, OD Green, Pink, Purple, and Woodland).


And that wraps up our list of the best range bags for pistols, rifles, and anything else you want to bring to the range! The products and brands listed above will be more than enough to get you started on finding the perfect gun carrier for whatever your needs may be. A great bag can sometimes be an afterthought, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you plan on traveling beyond your backyard with your firearm.

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