Lucky Gunner Review – Is it a Good Place to Buy Ammo Online?

Lucky Gunner Review

Lucky Gunner is one of our favorite places to buy ammo online. In this Lucky Gunner review, I'll tell you why we like the company and share with you our experiences purchasing ammo from them.

For those of you that don't have enough time to read this entire article, we highly recommend Lucky Gunner and regularly buy ammo from them ourselves.

Lucky Gunner Review: Basic Information

Before jumping into our experience, let's start this review with some basic details about the company and their website.

Compared to some other companies that sell ammunition, Lucky Gunner is relatively new. It was launched in 2009 with a focus on fast turnaround times for customers' orders.

Their inventory consists almost entirely of ammunition, though they do sell a few other products like Magpul magazines and ear protection.

This focus on ammunition has paid off, as they consistently offer some of the lowest prices online and they generally have any ammo you could want in stock. They update their stock live, so you can avoid any order issues, back orders, or shipping delays.

Lucky Gunner Review Ammo Information

Another great feature of their website is that they clearly label the cost per round of all of their products, which allows you to easily compare prices on different ammunition of varying quantities.

Our Experiences With Lucky Gunner

Here's one example of a purchase I made through Lucky Gunner, and it's been typical of what we've come to expect from them.

I added the ammo I wanted to my cart, where all taxes and shipping fees were listed before I gave my payment information.

I placed my order on the evening of January 13th, and shipping information was sent to FedEx almost immediately. Then a tracking number was sent to me.

Lucky Gunner Order

My order was picked up by FedEx the next day, and I received it on my doorstep less than 48 hours after I placed it. I do live in the same region as their warehouse, but if it takes longer for you to get an order, it won't be because Lucky Gunner was slow to process it.

Lucky Gunner Order Received

All of our orders with the company have gone as smoothly as this one. We've never had any issues.

Website Navigation and Features

I'm also a big fan of Lucky Gunner because of how easy the website is to navigate and the comprehensive information they provide about their products.

On the left-hand side of their website, you can choose ammunition by caliber.

On the right-hand side, you can filter your selected caliber by:

  • Quantity
  • Manufacturer
  • Use Type (Like Deer Hunting, Varmint Hunting, or Self)
  • Bullet Type
  • Bullet Weight
  • Casing Material (Brass, Steel, etc.)
  • Primer Type
  • Attracts Magnets (For certain ranges' rules)

Lucky Gunner Navigation

In addition to the basic information shown on the category pages, if you click any on any particular product, they give you a lot more information.

For defensive handgun calibers, this often even includes ballistic tests they performed themselves.

Lucky Gunner Review Ballistic Gel Test Example

If you've read our best 9mm ammo, .45 ACP, or .40 S&W guides, you've probably seen us reference these tests.

Lucky Gunner Review Conclusion and Summary

If you're looking for a place to buy ammo at cheap prices, then Lucky Gunner is our number one recommendation. They have an extremely large supply of different calibers and types of ammunition, plus they offer extremely fast turnaround times for orders.

Hopefully you found this Lucky Gunner review helpful! And enjoy shooting your new ammo!

Lucky Gunner Review
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