Best SIG P320 Upgrades and Aftermarket Parts

The Sig Sauer P320 is one of the best, if not the best, handgun on the market today. While it may not necessarily need any upgrades, part of the P320s mass appeal is that its highly modular. There’s a huge selection of aftermarket parts and upgrades available that can take an already great handgun, to something that’s personally tailored to your ideal specifications.

Below we’ve assembled a list of the best SIG P320 upgrades and aftermarket parts currently on the market.

SIG Sauer P320 Upgrades and Aftermarket Parts

1) Talon Grips

Whether it be a P320 or a Glock, one of the most common complaints among polymer pistol owners is that the grips are slippery. If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective solution, check out Talon Grips.

SIG P320 Talon Griips

$19.99 at Brownells

Prices accurate at time of publishing

Talon grips are great for a number reasons: they’re easy to apply, they’re removable, they don’t add any significant girth to the grip size, and they look great. Most importantly, Talon Grips will give you the perfect grip control you’ve been looking for, at a fraction of the price of custom stippling jobs.

Talon grips are available with rubber or granulate texturing, and applied to the firearm by an adhesive on the backside. You can find them for full sized and compact P320 models.

2) Apex Tactical P320 Flat Trigger With Forward Set Trigger Bar

This Apex Tactical trigger kit is a P320 upgrade that will make your trigger pull lighter, shorter, and more consistent, which will help you shoot faster and more accurately. It will:

  • Reduce trigger pull weight by about 30%.
  • Reduce trigger travel by about 30%.
  • Reduce trigger reset by about 20%

Apex Trigger Kit for P320

$124.95 at Brownells

Prices accurate at time of publishing

The flatness of the trigger in this kit also offers advantages, as it allows you to position your finger lower on the trigger face for increased leverage.

When it comes to aftermarket triggers for pistols, Apex Tactical is always our first thought. They make fantastic triggers for nearly all popular handguns, and this kit brings the quality you've come to expect from Apex Tactical. It's our clear cut choice for the best P320 trigger on the market.

Installation can easily be done at home with minimal tools.

Note: This trigger only works with pistols that have gone through the P320 voluntary upgrade and later models that were made to these specs. It does not function in P320 models with a thumb safety and is not recommended for use in Sub-Compact grip modules.

3) Griffin Armament ATM Threaded Barrel With Mini Compensator

P320 With Griffin Armament ATM Threaded Barrel and Mini Comp

Turning our attention to one of my favorite items on our list, the Griffin ATM (Advanced Threaded Match) Barrel is the perfect upgrade for anyone interested in adding muzzle devices, including sound suppressors, to their 9mm P320. This drop-in barrel is machined from 416R stainless steel and comes coupled with a Micro Carry Compensator that still fits many holsters when attached.

The Griffin Armament Threaded Barrel (½"-28 threaded muzzle) is specifically designed with concealed carriers in mind, and its design and reliable performance truly make a best in class P320 upgrade. Over two years of research went into crafting the perfect fit to the barrel’s dimensions, and the broached cut rifling is used to reduce the stress and uniformity of the bore. Additionally, the chamber is honed and polished to function reliability with a wide range of ammo. The barrel’s look is brought together by a black nitride finish that also helps to make the barrel resistant to surface wear and corrosion.

Griffin Armament makes models both for full-sized and compact P320s.

Griffin Armament P320 ATM Threaded Barrel

$186.00 at Brownells

Prices accurate at time of publishing

4) Faxon P320 Flame Fluted Barrels

It should come as no surprise that Faxon’s signature 9mm P320 barrels have made our list of best SIG P320 upgrades. Faxon has been a long-time leader in this space; their products offer not only top tier performance but also amazing aesthetic designs.

All of Faxon's P320 barrels feature their famous flame fluted contour. They're made from stress relieved 416-R steel and have a durable nitride finish. A PVD coating gives many of the barrels a holographic aesthetic.

Faxon barrels are praised for their reliability and performance, meeting the standards of even the most serious shooters. The barrel is button rifled with conventional rifling, which won’t limit users to any specific type of ammo. The unique flame-fluted design is specially designed to improve accuracy while reducing weight.

Faxon offers their P320 barrels in non-threaded models, as well as threaded models for those looking to attach muzzle devices. Threaded models have a 1/2x28 muzzle thread.

TiN, Nitride Black, and Chameleon colors are all available for both their full size and compact P320 barrels.

Faxon P320 Barrels

$195.00+ at Faxon

Prices accurate at time of publishing

5) SIG P320 Extended Magazines

This P320 upgrade is relatively cheap and straightforward but will make your range trips a lot more enjoyable.

While my full-size 9mm P320 RX came with two 17-round magazines, I quickly purchased a couple of 21-round magazines (See Here). The higher capacity lets me spend less time reloading and more time shooting when at the range.

P320 21 Round Magazine

Though these magazines might be too large to carry loaded in your CCW without "printing," they're a fantastic option for backup magazines. They will fit securely in compact models, though the base plate will not sit flush with your frame.

SIG Sauer also makes an extended 18-round P320 magazine for .40 S&W / .357 SIG (See Here).

P320 21-Round Magazine Review
P320 21-Round Magazine Black

Product Name: P320 21-Round Magazine

Product Description: Despite being one of the simplest P320 upgrades, an extended 21-round magazine is one of the best things you can buy for your 9mm pistol. The additional capacity allows for more time shooting at the range and extra rounds as backup CCW magazine. It fits both full-size and compact models, though it will not fit flush with compact models.

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Capacity
  • Design
  • Cost

6) Pistol Light

As we've constantly discussed in our guides, a good weapon light is one of the best accessories you can add to any firearm, including the SIG P320. There’s a great selection of products available here, and the best light comes down to your use-case. I’d recommend checking out our guide on the “best pistol lights” for a detailed list along with a complete buyer's guide.

SIG Sauer P320 RX With Streamlight TLR-2

Battery life, durability, lumen count (total quantity of visible light produced), and ease-of-use are the key factors to consider when buying a pistol light. One of the industry leaders in this space is a company called Streamlight. Their TLR series offers a wide selection of easy-to-use pistol lights with varying lumen counts depending on the price.

The best light in the TLR series, in my opinion, is the TLR-2. The base model has a 300 lumen light with a red laser. It has a 2.5 hour battery life and is waterproof. If you want even more power, consider opting for our preferred option, the 800 lumen TLR-2 HL.

TLR-2 HL in Dark Room

If a laser isn't essential to you or you want to save some money, Streamlight also offers the TLR-1. It's essentially the TLR-2, without a laser. It's available in both the standard 300 lumen model or the 800 lumen HL model.

Streamlight TLR-2 HL

TLR-2 PReview

Streamlight TLR-1 HL

Streamlight TLR-1 Best Pistol Light preview

7) X-Change Kits

X-Change kits are the best example of the SIG P320’s modularity and what led to it being chosen as the U.S. Military's new M17 pistol. They allow you to change your P320’s look, feel, size, or even caliber in a matter of minutes.  X-Change kits come with a barrel, slide, grip module and magazine. From there the options are endless.

SIG P320 Modular Design

Since the "frame assembly" (pictured below) is the serialized portion of the P320, X-Change kits can be shipped directly to your house in most of the United States.

SIG Sauer P320 Frame Assembly

This essentially gives you the opportunity to turn your P320 into an entirely new pistol without dealing with an FFL.

P320 X-Change Kit

$370.00+ at Brownells

Prices accurate at time of publishing


This wraps up our list of the best SIG P320 upgrades and aftermarket parts. While parts like X-Change kits and threaded barrels can transform your P320, some of our cheaper featured products like Talon Grips and extended magazines can still go a long way in making your pistol even better.

Despite the SIG P320 being one of the best 9mm pistols straight out of the box, there's no shortage of aftermarket support. Having been adopted by the U.S. Military and bought by millions of civilians, we expect even more aftermarket manufacturers to start producing upgrades for the P320. We'll keep this list updated as we find more great options.

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