The Best Prepper Websites and Blogs in 2022


Though not every gun owner would consider themselves a "prepper", it seems the majority of preppers are gun owners.

"Prepping" is actively making plans to survive and thrive in any situation - from common occurrences like natural disasters, to more extreme possibilities like economic collapse or even nuclear war.

With so much potential overlap in interests between gun owners and preppers, plus the fact that I would consider myself some level of a prepper, I decided to make a list of the best prepping websites and blogs.

The Best Prepping Websites and Blogs

The Prepper JournalThe Prepper Journal

The Prepper Journal is a classic prepper website that's been active since 2013 and has published nearly 2,000 articles. The site changed owners last year but the quality still seems to be just as high as it was under its previous owner. If you're a newbie to prepping, I'd recommend checking out their prepping content sorted by popular which will point you toward articles covering valuable fundamentals, including basic prepper supplies and a guide to fuel storage. I'm also a sucker for one-page resources, and TPJ has a great one on prepper essentials that I highly recommend.

Graywolf Survival

Graywolf Survival

Graywolf Survival is a popular prepper blog run by a former counterintelligence special agent, US Army chief warrant officer, and combat veteran. What I really love about Graywolf's stuff is that I feel like he goes above and beyond what is expected. His articles are extremely thorough and I learn something new in almost every one that I read. Just look at the following articles—The Ultimate 25 Pound Bug Out Bag, Everyday Carry Gear, Portable Earthquake Kit—and tell me that you aren't impressed.

Survival Blog

Survival Blog Logo

Survival Blog is the longstanding project of former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer James Wesley, Rawles (JWR). The site has been active since 2005 and has an incredible amount of top-tier content. Survival Blog has everything, from discussions of inflation, to investment advice, to nitty-gritty prepping strategies. Also worth looking at are JWR's extensive list of recommended survival books and his thorough guide to survival firearms.

More Than Just Surviving

More Than Just Surviving is the survival blog of Thomas and Elise Xavier, survival/prepping enthusiasts with a penchant for fine knives. They aren't posting as much these days as they once were, but his site is still home to a lot of fantastic prepping content. I particularly enjoy these one-page lists of resources on survival gear and first aid supplies. MTJS has also got some solid articles on wilderness survival and a huge swath of other topics.

Thomas and Elise also run the next site on our list...

Survival Pulse

Survival Pulse is a unique prepper website because it is essentially a centralized hub for prepper content from all around the web, rather than another site making its own original content. Survival Pulse aggregates links from a wide range of prepping sites and puts recently published articles on their home page. This makes Survival Pulse one of the best sites around if you are looking for new prepping/survival content.

Survival Pulse

Happy Preppers

Happy Preppers

Happy Preppers is a great site if you've grown a little weary from the doom and gloom atmosphere that dominates many other prepping sites. The site covers all of the prepping fundamentals you would expect, including a few handy long-form resources on essential topics like Food, Filtration, and Fire. But what really differentiates Happy Preppers from other prepping sites is that they put an emphasis on not just surviving, but living a happy life—even in the worst of situations.

Ask a PrepperAsk a Prepper

One of the biggest prepping sites there is, Ask a Prepper has been making quality prepping content since 2014. At this point, they've got over 1500 articles covering just about any prepping-related topic you can think of. Yet they still somehow manage to produce an average of 2-4 new articles every week. Perhaps the only downside of Ask a Prepper is that they have so much content that there isn't an obvious place to start going through it all, particularly for beginners. That being said, if you could only visit one prepping site for all time, this might be the one. Anyone with a specific question can also go straight to their appropriately titled Ask a Prepper page and expect a timely response.

Offgrid Survival

Offgrid SurvivalOffgrid Survival is the prepping website of Robert Richardson, author of the 2014 book The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World. The site has extensive information on all things prepping, including homesteading, survival skills, self-defense, and alternative energy. Unlike the majority of prepping sites, Offgrid also boasts a news section where they cover topics of interest including gun control, natural disasters, and potential security threats. Stories aren't posted super regularly, but it's a cool way of staying informed on some of what's going on in the world.

Urban Survival Site

Urban Survival Site Logo

As the name suggests, Urban Survival Site is a prepping resource oriented around surviving in cities. This is a topic that many other prepping sites will touch on, but Urban Survival gives it the star treatment. USS has comparatively little content on topics like homesteading, gardening, and wilderness survival, opting to focus instead on in-depth strategies for urban residents. The site also places a strong emphasis on self-defense, which is nice to see, particularly if you're already a firearms enthusiast who is concerned about defending your family and property.

The Prepping Guide


The Prepping Guide is a solid prepping resource that I think deserves more attention than it's gotten. The site has a sizable amount of content covering all of the standard prepping topics, as well as some more specific topics that I haven't seen covered on many other sites. For example, take a look at this guide on how to stay safe while traveling and this one on convincing loved ones to be prepared. They also have a lot of really thorough beginners' guides on the fundamentals of prepping, which are great places to start for people that are new to the space.

SHTF Preparedness

SHTF Preparedness

Another site with an astounding amount of content—even more than Ask a Prepper—SHTF Preparedness is a fantastic prepper resource with an emphasis on homesteading, which is defined as "a lifestyle of self-sufficiency." Homesteaders are likely to grow some or all of their own food and may even manufacture some of their own clothing and other goods. This is obviously somewhat more involved than your average prepping content, which tends to focus more on storage rather than production, but homesteading skills could prove invaluable in a serious SHTF situation. SHTF Preparedness also has a large amount of more-standard prepping content and even has a great page of free survival gear worth taking a look at.

Prepper BitsPrepper Bits

Prepper Bits is a lesser-known prepping site that really shines in a few areas. In addition to their wide range of original prepping content, they also have this handy collection of newsfeeds related to specific prepper concerns, including terrorism, emergencies & disasters, and diseases & pandemics. These are great for those of you who want to stay informed on the state of the world in these areas. In addition, Prepper Bits also has a great Resources page for preppers who are interested in reading physical books on survival. I'm personally a big fan of physical books, as I find that they often contain information that you wouldn't have discovered online.



Survivopedia is a great prepping site with content that is broadly broken down into four categories: General Prepping, WeaponsFood, and Planning. Each category contains some great content, but I particularly recommend their section on Natural Disasters, which has many articles covering the fundamental information you need to know to survive and thrive in particular situations. Having a game plan for the most common/likely natural disasters in your region is a great way to get started in prepping and could potentially have huge payoffs down the road.


TruePrepper is another great prepping site that has found its own niche within the space. Like most other prepping sites, TruePrepper has lots of written content covering a wide range of prepping topics. Where TruePrepper really excels is in their kits, deals, and something they call the TrueRisk index. Kit articles are just what they sound like: quick little checklists of important gear/supplies with a handful of product recommendations—great for those who want to focus on getting basic gear before diving into skills. Similarly, the Deals page is exactly what you would expect: an up-to-date list of some of the best sales on prepping products currently available. The TrueRisk index, however, is something different. The team over at TruePrepper has "gathered data and completed [an algorithmic] risk analysis" for a variety of threats and then ranked them in the order in which they should be prepared for. It's a unique page and the specific threat analyses are definitely worth reading.

Skilled Survival

Skilled Survival
Skilled Survival is a well-rounded resource that covers a wide range of prepping-related topics. As the name suggests, the emphasis here is on survival skills, including topics like how to siphon gashow to forage for edible plants, and even how to find natural medicines. The site also boasts more general guides on surviving specific SHTF ("shit hits the fan") scenarios, and there are a number of articles related to firearms and self-defense that are worth checking out.

Survivalist 101Survivalist 101

Survivalist 101 is a lesser-known prepping resource that has some really great content. In particular, they have an excellent guide to trapping, complete with basic legal concerns and even links to various products on Amazon. They've also got a nice collection of recommended YouTube channels for prepping and survival content, as well as a short survival quiz for you to check your knowledge on a few survival basics.

American Preppers Network

American Preppers Network

The core belief of the American Preppers Network is "that every American family should strive to become Self-Reliant, enabling them to better weather the day-to-day disasters, catastrophes and hardships that we all experience." To that end, the APN website provides a great deal of information about prepping, with great resources on Survival, Preparedness, and Sustainable Living. What I like most about the APN is the running theme that preparedness is a virtue—being able to take care of oneself, one's family, and one's community is something worth working towards and is possibly even our duty as citizens.

Survivalist PrepperSurvivalist Prepper

Survivalist Prepper is the website of husband and wife team Dale and Lisa Goodwin, both of whom have been involved in the prepping community for a number of years. One of the primary selling points of the site is their objectivity: they aren't trying to sell you anything and are primarily concerned with getting you the information that you need to provide for yourself and your family. The site has a lot of great info, with impressive resources on all the prepping basics you'd expect. The Goodwins also have a great podcast that is approaching its 300th episode. Definitely worth a listen!

Apartment Prepper

Apartment Prepper

Apartment Prepper is a great little site run by a woman named Bernie Carr, who first became interested in prepping after Hurricane Ike rocked Houston. As she got more involved in the space, however, she noticed that many of the resources online are geared toward individuals with a lot of land, or at the very least storage space. She created Apartment Prepper with the goal of providing information for those without quite so much room at their disposal, under the belief that there are still steps you can take to be self-sufficient, even if you aren't able to set up your own homestead. Some of my favorite content on the site comes from the section on budget prepping, which has some great advice on getting prepared without breaking the bank.

Rethink Survival


Rethink Survival is the prepping and survival blog of self-described survival enthusiast Damian Brindle. The site has tons of regularly posted content covering survival-related topics. My favorite part about the site is Damian's willingness to share the content of others he's found on the web—while giving them credit for it. As a result, Damian's site is itself a reference to a lot of valuable information from all around the web. Another cool resource on the site is the Real-Time Hazard Monitoring page, which includes up-to-date info on a variety of natural hazards.

Homesteading Logo is perhaps the ultimate resource for homesteading online. As mentioned earlier, homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, and provides you with an extraordinary amount of information on how you can make or grow countless products that you'd normally buy in stores. You could spend months, possibly even years, going through all of the content that they have on home remedies, raising animals, and various life skills, and that's to say nothing about all of the content they have about other prepping topics. If you're serious about self-reliance, give this site a try.

Doomsday Moose

Doomsday Moose

The Doomsday Moose wins the award for the best prepper website mascot: it's a moose, and it's badass. While some prepping sites try to distance themselves from the perception that they are preparing for a full-scale apocalypse, The Doomsday Moose embraces it proudly. The site contains tons of valuable prepping information, and they are frequently uploading new content. The site also has a solid list of reviews for survival food products for those looking to incorporate freeze-dried foods into their prepper supply.

How To Survive It

How to Survive It

Another solid prepper resource, How To Survive It is not as active as it once was but is still home to a ton of excellent prepping content. Particularly worthwhile are their sections on weapons and security, both of which contain a lot of valuable tips for keeping yourself and your family safe if SHTF.

Prepared Housewives

Prepared Housewives

Prepared Housewives is a prepping blog run by Jamie, a proud mother of four who considers it a parental duty to be prepared. Jamie covers much of the standard prepping topics you'll find on other sites but has a good way of injecting personality into her writing. Some readers might be turned off by the style, but others will likely be left feeling like they've made a new friend who shares their interests. Most importantly, she also gives a lot of solid, actionable prepping advice that will make you and your family more prepared.

Primal SurvivorPrimal Survivor

Primal Survivor is a great all-around prepping resource with comprehensive guides for just about every prepper topic. Where the site really excels is in its outdoor survival skills section, which has a particularly great sub-section on wilderness foods. Info on hunting is a little sparse, but their foraging articles are some of the better ones that I've seen. They also have some great camping content, for those of you who would like to become a little more comfortable in the great outdoors.

Backdoor Survival

Backdoor Survival

Backdoor Survival is among the oldest prepping blogs I'm aware of and has been going strong since 2010. Given this lengthy track record, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that Backdoor Survival has published a tremendous amount of content, and much of it is very very good. What I appreciate most about Backdoor Survival is that the site is really well organized, which is particularly helpful if you are somebody new to prepping. Want to learn about food storage, water storage, survival medicine, or survival gear? Go here, here, here, and here, and you'll find nice little pages with links to no fewer than 20 related articles, ranging from general articles covering the basics to specific articles on the nitty-gritty details. The site also has some great info on maintaining a power supply, which I've found is overlooked by many other sites.

Outdoor Life's "The Survivalist" Blog

The Survivalist

Outdoor Life magazine is a brand that should need no introduction. They've been making great content about hunting, fishing, camping, and the like for literally more than 100 years. However, you might not be aware that they also make some great survivalist/prepping content through a blog called "The Survivalist." The blog is written by Tim MacWelch, who has been a survival instructor for 20 years and has written several best-selling books on survival. As you would likely assume, the content on the blog focuses primarily on outdoor survival skills, but there's also a solid amount of more general prepping info, including food storage and how to create a bug-out base camp. The Survivalist doesn't have as much content as many of the other full-scale prepping sites, but the content it has is top notch and worth a read.

Recoil OffGrid

Recoil OffGgrid Logo

Recoil OffGrid is a prepping website with its own magazine that can be purchased at various retailers across the United States. OffGrid has tons of useful articles both in print and online, covering everything from the basics of prepping to in-depth product reviews. Where I think OffGrid really shines though is in their interviews and unique features. For example, a couple of recent posts include features like 5 Ways Women Changed the Course of Prepping History and Out of the Darkness: Taking Control After Sexual Violence. These kinds of articles won’t appeal to everyone, but they’re just two examples of the unique content OffGrid creates that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Prepared

ThePrepared Logo

The Prepared is a fantastic prepping website that does a great job of arguing for the importance of preparedness without teetering over into paranoia. They have comprehensive articles covering all of the major prepping topics: prepping basics, emergency scenarios, survival skills, etc. They also have some great unique articles, including a couple of personal favorites on why prepping is rational and how you can get into prepping without going overboard. Where I think The Prepared really shines is the thoroughness of their research and the quality of their writing. If you're new to prepping, their Emergency Preparedness Checklist is a great place to start.

End of the American Dream

End Of the American Dream

End of the American Dream is the personal blog of author Michael T. Snyder, who has written several noteworthy books including Get Prepared Now and The Beginning of the End. While this site does not have very much content that is specifically about prepping or prepping strategies, it does have a lot of interesting articles about current events from the perspective of a member of the prepping community. Topics that come up regularly are potential vulnerabilities of the United States, the growing debt crisis, and the possible dangers of new technologies. I expect readers won't agree with all of Snyder's perspectives, but his content is unique in the prepper niche and is often thought-provoking at the very least. Worth noting: Snyder also has a prepping-focused blog for those who want to explore that.

Know Prepare Survive

Know Prepare Survive

Know Prepare Survive is a survivalist site with an emphasis on wilderness survival skills. Here you'll find lots of information about hunting, trapping, knot-tying, fire-starting, and other important skills. There's not as much here about food/water storage and alternative energy sources, but that's okay, as there are plenty of other sources out there that can cover you in those areas. I like that the folks over at KPS focus on what they know and that they cover topics you won't find on other sites, including coyote trapping, fish trapping, and building your own slingshot.

Modern Survival Blog

Modern Survival Blog is the long-running project of author Ken Jorgustin, who has been writing prepping/survival content since 2010. Ken is unstoppable; nearly 10 years into the site and he still publishes original content daily. The site has tons of great content, but I'd particularly point you toward his mega-resource on essential survival gear. Beyond that, I think Modern Survival Blog is a really great site for those of you who have been in the prepping space for a while and are craving new content. Very few sites are uploading as regularly as this one.

Survival ResourcesSurvival Resources

Survival Resources a prepping website and online store owned and operated by John D. McCann and his wife Denise. The store contains many survival products, including some exclusive ones made by Survival Resources themselves. In terms of educational content, the site has many articles on survival skills, self-reliant living, and emergency preparedness. One thing that's great about Survival Resources is that they have a lot of video content in addition to their written content. This is great, particularly for "how-to" topics which are often much easier to follow with a video aid.

Prepper Resources

Prepper Resources

Prepper Resources is a great little website run by a guy named PJ. The site does not have as much content as many of the others on this list, but it's got a few great articles that I think are definitely worth the read. For one, there's a solid Prepping 101 piece that gives a nice intro to the prepping lifestyle. Beyond that, there's another great article in which PJ describes what he calls The Prepper Pyramid, which is a useful framework for thinking about preparedness. Finally, there's a multi-part series in which a Prepper Resources contributor known as The Maj documents his personal experience on a 150-mile, multi-week bugout adventure. It's a fun and engaging read, and it gives some food for thought regarding your own bugout plans.

Preparing for SHTFPrep for SHTF

Preparing for SHTF is a fantastic prepping resource that has been rated as the number one prepping site on the web. The site has tons of fantastic content and, with nearly 200,000 likes on Facebook, also boasts a huge community of fans. What I think has earned Preparing for SHTF its place in the community is the authors' thoroughness and attention to detail. Take a look at these two guides, just as a quick example: sharpening a knife with a stone and choosing whether to stay or evacuate during a potential flood. Two completely different articles handled clearly and comprehensively, Preparing for SHTF has some of the best prepping content on the web.

Survival Preps

Survival Preps

Survival Preps is the survival blog of Dave Markowitz, who has been writing great prepping and survival content since 2006. As I'm sure you can imagine, Dave's written about a huge range of subjects at this point. Particularly worth noting are his extensive articles on survival tools and bushcraft. I'd also like to give a shoutout to his survival guns content, which is much more comprehensive than what you'll find on most prepping sites. Dave has a great gun collection, including some really cool antique firearms, and he's written some great stuff about the value of firearms in survival situations.

Bio Prepper

BIO Prepper

Bio Prepper is another fantastic site that is consistently uploading great prepping and survival content. The site is particularly strong in a specific prepping topic that many other sites gloss over: canning and preserving your own food. Home food preservation is a lost art, but it could be a lifesaver in a real SHTF situation. The info in this section is enough to get even a complete novice up to speed on this important skill. Other strong areas on Bio Prepper include their sections on natural remedies and homesteading.

Tips for Survivalists

Tips for Survivalists

Tips for Survivalists is a great prepping and survival website run by Steven Swift. Steven has compiled a ton of content over the years, much of it original, some of it linked to from other sources on the web. The site isn't the most intuitive to navigate, as it doesn't have menus or tabs to flip through, but you can't go wrong just by heading to the survival skills section and flipping through the article history. Probably the strongest point of Tips for Survivalists is their extremely active Facebook community. New posts are added regularly there and the page has nearly half a million followers.

Modern Survival Online

Modern Survival Online is a survivalist site that covers everything from prepping/survival essentials, to current events, to rants on various political issues. While the majority of the site is very survival/prepping focused, the site's authors seem to have a lot of flexibility in the content they can write, which gives Modern Survival Online a unique feel compared to others in the niche. New articles are uploaded a few times a week, making Modern Survival Online another site worth checking regularly for new content.

Survival Sherpa

Survival Sherpa is the preparedness blog of survival instructor Todd Walker. Todd's site is loaded with great information, and his articles on bushcraft are some of the best that I've ever come upon. Another thing I really like about Survival Sherpa is all of their video content, which includes many how-to's, interviews, and even a regular series documenting Todd building his own log cabin. Check it out!

Prepper Podcast

One of the great things about the growth of podcasts as a medium over the last decade is that there are now podcasts for every topic you can imagine—including prepping. is an online radio network oriented around prepping and survival content. The network has several regular shows, including Prepper Intelligence and The Eagle's Nest, and new episodes are uploaded almost daily (though most individual shows operate on a weekly schedule). With so many different shows, you're bound to find at least one (or two) that you like!


BeSurvival is a site run by authors who want you to be so skilled at survival that you cease to exist as a person and instead become survival itself. A little dramatic, yes, but there's no denying the enthusiasm. Jokes aside, BeSurvival has some excellent prepping content for just about any survival-related topic you might have questions about. They also have, in my eyes, one of the best bug-out bag checklists of any site I've seen, which includes at least 5 product options for each piece of recommended gear. Another thing I love about BeSurvival is how easy the site is to navigate. Head to the Sitemap and you'll get quick access to all of the site's content on a single page. From there, you can use your browser's search function to find the exact articles you are looking for.

Dave's Homestead

Dave's Homestead is a great survival website run by Dave Nash, a former Marine, a certified NRA instructor for both civilians and law enforcement, and an expert in emergency management. One of the best things about Dave's site is that you can have some confidence that the author knows what he's talking about; he has worked professionally in emergency management, has written several books, and his credentials speak for themselves. Beyond that, Dave is great at explaining complex topics in a way that is both clear and engaging. Dave is the first to admit that his content may not be the flashiest, but I believe it is still among the best. A couple of particular pages I'd like to direct you to are Dave's book reviews, which include many survival books, and his YouTube channel, which has lots of product reviews and how-to's. As I'm sure you can imagine, he's got some great gun-related content too!

Homestead Dreamer

Homestead Dreamer is a lesser-known prepping blog with a focus on homesteading and self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, the site doesn't see as much new content nowadays as it used to, but what's there is still great. I particularly enjoy the section on food preservation, which can easily take you from novice to advanced in this potentially life-saving skill. There's also a lot of great content here about general homesteading topics.

Surviving Prepper

Surviving Prepper is a great little blog run by a guy named Marc. There's not as much content here as you'll find on some of the bigger sites, but what Surviving Prepper does have is charm and a personal touch. For example, take a look at Marc's review of a book called Ishmael, which is both personal and thoughtprovoking—the kind of content that can sometimes be missing from the more popular sites. Marc also has a really solid collection of prepper fiction books, for those of you who might enjoy reading fictional stories set in SHTF scenarios.

Homestead & Prepper

Homestead & Prepper is another lesser-known blog that has a really well-rounded selection of content. The site is easy to navigate, with clear headings for Homesteading, Gardening, Survival, Prepper, and Food Storage. As you'd likely assume, the site's strongest area is in homesteading, but each category is covered pretty thoroughly and they are still putting out new content regularly. Definitely worth a visit!

The Survival Place Blog

The Survival Place Blog is a prepper blog with a truly, truly extraordinary amount of content—some of it original, much of it reposted (with permission) from other prepping sites. Original or not, the site contains over 5,000 articles on prepping, covering every sub-topic you can imagine, and over 7,000 articles on news and current events of interest to preppers. Plus, the site is still posting new content every week. Definitely a great way of finding prepping content from all around the web.

US Preppers

US Preppers brings you excellent prepping and survival content under the slogan "Be Prepared, Not Scared," which is essentially the rallying cry of preppers everywhere. The site is great overall and has a well-rounded selection of content to explore. The two areas in which I think US Preppers excels are in their sections on defense and bartering. The bartering section, in particular, has some great stuff on precious metals and basic bartering techniques, which other sites sometimes touch on but not with as much detail. US Preppers has some great gardening content as well for those looking to start growing some or all of their own food.

Survival and Prosperity

Survival and Prosperity is a survival/prepping blog run by Christopher E. Hill with a focus on the US's vulnerability to an economic collapse and how best to prepare for it. Unfortunately, Hill is not uploading content as regularly as he once was, but there's still a lot of great stuff in the archives. In particular, I'd point you toward the articles tagged with preppers and gold, as there are some solid articles in both.

Tim Gamble is the personal blog of writer, journalist, and consultant Tim Gamble, who has over 15 years of experience within the survival community. The site is predominantly focused on survivalism and prepping; however, as a personal blog, the range of content Tim publishes is much wider than your average prepping site. Tim is very upfront about this: "This website features articles on disaster preparedness, self-reliance, survivalism, agrarianism, permaculture, current events, religion, politics, economics, personal finance, health & more, all from a traditional Christian, Constitutionalist, nationalist, and small-market capitalist perspective." If all that sounds good to you, then I'd encourage you to explore Tim's site and see what you find. If you prefer to focus exclusively on survivalist content, then I'd point you toward his series on urban survival and forest gardening, both of which are excellent.

Preppers Survive

Preppers Survive is the prepping blog of author Nettie Davis. One of the best things about Preppers Survive is that it is extremely easy to navigate. There are clear headings at the top for various prepping topics, and each category contains great fundamentals for becoming a more prepared person. The site also has a great section for prepping newbies with basic information on how to get started. To give you a feel for Nettie's content, here's a handy guide on how to know when canned food has gone bad.

A B.O.B. List

A B.O.B. List is a lesser-known prepping site with some really great content. In particular, they have a nice one-page resource explaining why you would want to prep and how you can get started. Beyond that, they also have some great content on gear and supplies, with an emphasis on "Top 5 Pieces of Gear" articles, which are always entertaining. There is also a strong tips and tactics section which covers a lot of fundamentals, in addition to some topics that I haven't seen covered elsewhere.


PrepForThat is a great prepping resource for those who want to stay up to date on current events relevant to preppers. New articles are uploaded on most days, sometimes more than one article per day, covering all kinds of stories regarding American politics, global politics, technology, the environment, and more. The site also has an archive of solid survival and financial content; however, I would say that the site's main focus nowadays is on the news, which personally, I'm a big fan of. There aren't many other prepping sites covering news and I think PrepForThat does it well.

Let's Talk Survival

Let's Talk Survival is the survival blog of Steve Ackerman, who describes himself as a survivalist, a prepper, and a firearm enthusiast, among other things. Steve's blog is great in a few areas. In addition to having lots of solid survival content, he's written reviews for a ton of survival products, including the occasional firearm. Steve isn't uploading as often as he once was, but there's plenty of content on the site to keep you reading for a long while. I'd also recommend checking out Steve's book list if you're looking for something to read offline.

Freedom Preppers

Freedom Preppers is the survival/prepper blog of Bobby Akart, the best-selling author of several fictional book series on survival, including Doomsday and Yellowstone. Given Akart's pedigree, you might be surprised by how much solid free content is available on his blog. Overall, the site is quite comprehensive, with articles covering basics, supplies, medicine, security, and much more. I'd like to give specific mention to the resources section which includes links to the infographics that can be found on the site as well as some free PDFs on a variety of topics.

Plan and Prepared

Plan and Prepared is the survival blog of a former outdoor survival instructor who has spent the last 20 years working in law enforcement. The site has tons of quality content that is backed up by years of experience. One area that I think is really strong, especially compared to the offerings of other prepping websites, is their content on firearms. There, you'll be able to find reviews, suggestions for EDC, and even tips on tactics. Plan and Prepared also has a simple guide on how to get started prepping that is great for beginners.


In case you couldn't tell, is a site for gun-toting, red-blooded, unapologetic Americans. It's the personal blog of author John Rourke, who covers a wide range of topics, from nitty-gritty preparedness strategies to big-picture political issues. Some of John's best content has to do with firearms. There you'll find product reviews, various AR builds, discussions on gun control and more. John hasn't been making many articles recently, but we've got our fingers crossed that he'll return to making new content soon. is a website that aggregates prepping/survival-related links from around the web. Recent articles from many of the sites we've listed here can be conveniently found on the home page of A stylistic difference between and Survival Pulse is that sorts articles by their source rather than simply listing them all by recency. This can be helpful if you really just want to look at a few different sites that you trust and check regularly. Blogs can also be browsed by category. Here are the pages for Survival/Preparedness and Homesteading.

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